How do Meeting Professionals find you? Your Speaker Website, of course. It’s a great way to grow your speaking business and connect with those who can hire you. Meeting planners visit your website to see if you are worth hiring. Let’s look at what a great speaker’s website needs to get you booked and paid.

1) Your Target Market
A) What’s the purpose of your website? To find speaking opportunities? To sell products? To host live events? To be a keynote or do seminars or coaching? Defining your purpose first will help you determine what kind of website to create.

B) You need to think about the website from the perspective of the person hiring you and what problem you solve for them.

C) Think about the problem you solve for your audience as well.

2) Make Your Website Stand Out Visually
A) If you want to make the big bucks, you and your website must look the part. The photos and videos on your website must reinforce your ability to deliver.

B) Begin collecting photos and videos of you in action, on stage, with celebrity speakers, with thought leaders. These will add instant credibility for someone scanning your home page. If you don’t captivate the meeting planner’s attention immediately, they will be on to the next speaker’s website.

3) Fill Your Home Page with Social Proof

A) Photos
B) Videos
C) Testimonials
D) Client Names
E) Publicity

You can’t have too much social proof. Also, show them videos of the audience reactions when you are presenting. Show them videos of you on corporate stages. The greatest fear of a meeting planner is hiring the wrong speaker. Calm their fears by showing them examples of you speaking on corporate stage and how the audience loved your presentation.

What if you don’t have these yet? Then find stages that will allow you to share your expertise and bring your favorite photographer/videography with you to record your presentation each time you present.

Does this all sound overwhelming? Not to worry! Reach out to your friends at Engaging Speakers at

Gail Brown, Founder of Engaging Speakers,

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