In Part 1, we explored some of the tips you can use to develop a strategy for repeat opportunities with past clients. Here are more tips from Cathleen Fillmore, President of Speaker Gold in Canada.

7) As a speaker, you are in the spotlight, which means that you are a role model for the audience. Be sure that you show that in every word you say on and off stage.

8) Multi-talented speakers observe while speaking at an organization and they look for gaps in the workplace that are not being addresses and they offer to do that topic next time.

9) Be real, Sophisticated audiences can smell a fake a mile away, but they love someone who is real.

10) Whether you are someone who provides valuable information or are a powerful storyteller, always end your speech with a riveting call to action. Give those in the audience inspiring, actionable information that will stay with them and that they will pass on and that will make a positive impact on the organization as well.

11) Approach every speaking engagement as an audition and consider each attendee as a potential referral.

12) Be hyper-focused on providing the client contact with exceptional service by sending paperwork, marketing material, files, etc. on time and responding to their communications promptly.

Always make sure the person who hired you looks good. That’s done by “showing up” 100% before, during and after the engagement.

Learning all about how to fill your calendar with new and repeat speaking opportunities is something we’ve been helping speakers with for over 16 years. We look forward to serving you! Learn more about Engaging Speakers at

Gail Brown, Founder of Engaging Speakers,

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