This month one of our talented Mentors, Isaura Tsuma flew to our corporate headquarters in Schaumburg, Illinois from her home in Paris, France to share the “3 Secrets to an Instant Impact on Stage with a Signature Style that Screams Success”. Isaura is one of the top 3 Fashion Stylists in Paris, and as an Engaging Speakers Mentor, she counsels our Members on how to make an impact on stage by developing their signature style. Here is some of the wisdom that Isaura shared.

“Clothes do not make a man, but you need the proper costume to play the part.” – Patrick Rothfuss

* A first impression is formed within 7 seconds.
* 55% of the impression is driven by personal appearance.
* First impressions have a lasting effect.
* It’s human nature to judge people at first glance.

However, you have control over how the world sees you.

The age-old question: What am I going to wear?
Your reputation and your brand are partly defined by how you show up. The first impression people get from you when you get on stage is from what you wear.
What if you could dress in a way that made you look great, credible and inspiring to your audience that your ideal clients want to work with you even before leaving the stage?
Secret #1 – Everyone has a style (whether you like it or not!).
Don’t fall into the trap of copying & pasting someone else’s look versus developing your own sense of style. Use this formula to determine your signature style:
Your Personality + Your Values + Your Personal Tastes = Your Fashion Choices

Secret #2 – You can dress to communicate the powerful message you want to convey to your audience.

“If a life skills coach can’t select a complimentary wardrobe, they lack life skills.” – Dr. Shaun Murphy (Freddie Highmore), The Good Doctor.

It is very hard for someone (or an audience) to take you seriously or to take your message on board, if the way you look does not match what you are saying.

The trap here is that you choose something to wear that looks good and is in fashion, but it is not right for you or your message. Your clothes on stage need to match you and your message, in order to elicit confidence and trust with your target audience.

Your Silhouette + Your Color Profile + Your Style Strategy = Confidence

Your signature style works brilliantly for your brand.

Secret #3 – You can make people feel a certain way with the way you look instantly – credibility!

Your audience has expectations about the way you should behave and present yourself on stage. If you reflect this idea, they will connect with you. People buy on emotions.

Do you want them to feel excited and engaged versus confused and distracted?

Here’s a color chart that will help you choose colors that elicit a certain feeling that you are trying to communicate in your message. Be sure to use the colors that are in shades that are complimentary to your coloring.

Photo of the color chart.

Using these 3 secrets will help you develop your own unique signature style that screams success. If you need more direction, then consider becoming a Member of Engaging Speakers, so you can have your own personal Mentoring session with Isaura and all 14 other expert Engaging Speakers Mentors. We look forward to serving you! Learn more about Engaging Speakers at

Gail Brown, Founder of Engaging Speakers,

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