Engaging Speakers is a powerful organization that works with entrepreneurs and professional speakers to increase their influence, authority, credibility, visibility, impact and leads through the power of speaking. We make meaningful connections for you with other entrepreneurs, authors, speakers and event planners.

Can you imagine how your business would accelerate if you were in front of groups of your target market, instead of just one at a time?

Engaging Speakers provides members with a unique opportunity to build strong networking relationships and assists them in growing a successful speaking business through our educational programs, meetings, events, website, mentoring program and marketing tools.

Is your public speaking bringing you the profit and business growth that you really want?

With Engaging Speakers, you’ll connect with seasoned professionals who know how to seek out high-quality speaking engagements and use them to build business and profit.

Do you have ready access to the necessary resources that speakers need?

Through Engaging Speakers, members have access to special rates from Mentors and Resource Partners who provide products and services like website optimization, promotional video, professional photography, public relations, marketing, writing and graphic arts professionals, personal assistants, health insurance, and much more.

Are you responsible for hiring speakers for your company or organization?

Engaging Speakers provides meeting planners, program directors, associations and corporations with a free website that allows them to access many highly qualified and pre-screened speakers. Meeting Planners are welcome to attend our monthly meetings to meet our speakers, get a feel for their style and content, and book them for their future meetings, workshops or conferences.

Virtual Membership is $147/year and includes on demand access to our membership site that has video education content on 20 different journey points every entrepreneur and professional speaker needs to take to speak their way to more business. Membership also includes 1 free hour of mentoring from each one of our mentor in their area of expertise.