Recently Jen Coffel, our President & CEO and Louie Sharp, our Chief Excitement Officer, delivered an amazing training on how to fill your calendar with speaking gigs. In this blog, I will share the highlights with you, so you can fill your calendar with speaking gigs.

1) Search events where your target market will attend and attend the event to connect with the attendees and the leadership.
A) Send a general inquiry – Title in the subject line: Speaker Inquiry. In the body of the message: My name is_________________, your business title. I found your “name of the event” while researching events. Share what you genuinely like about their mission, event, etc. and I wondered if you are looking for speakers for your events?

B) Go to LinkedIn and connect with them and seek a warm introduction by checking any 1st degree connections.

C) Send at least 5 messages a day by email and LinkedIn. Devote an hour a day (Monday through Friday).

D) Track your activity on an excel sheet.

2) Set up Google Alerts – “Call for Speakers”.

3) Do your own online event to subsidize your speaking.
4) ASK…your network, your audience. Invite people to your next talk.

5) Use your speaking contract to ask for referrals for future speaking gigs.

6) Use your feedback sheet. Ask your audience to let you know how you did after your speech and invite them to suggest future places for you to speak.

7) Check out Speaker Match, an organization that connects Speakers with Meeting Professionals and lists opportunities available.

8) Become the expert in your field by practicing. Speak wherever you can. Zig Ziglar, who is one of the great and legendary motivational speakers, used to say that he gave 3,000 talks before he was paid for the first one.

9) Read 15 minutes a day books about your area of expertise or about public speaking. Both Jen & Louie had tattered copies of Jack Canfield’s book, “The Success Principles: How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be”.

10) Take Action – Spend an hour a day seeking speaking opportunities.

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