In Part 1 of this blog, we explored first 3 things that you need to create a speaker website that gets you hired; your target market, visuals, and social page. In Part 2, we will explore the types of videos you need on your speaker website and your website copy.

4) 3 Types of Videos on Your Website

A) Put together a Demo Reel – The only way meeting planners can choose one speaker from another on a website is by seeing you in action on multiple stages.

B) Video Testimonials – Put them throughout your website…the more, the better. The power of testimonials doesn’t happen with two or three testimonials. Put so many on your website that there are too many to watch.

C) Videos of the Audience – The only way a meeting planner can see how an audience reacts to your presentations is by seeing the audience expressions while you present.

5) Website Copy

Layout the visual part of your speaker website, and you have your social proof, now it’s time to focus on written content. This is the tricky part. Too many speakers confuse writing a thesis with copyrighting. With copyrighting, you are selling the experience and the solution it brings.

Here are some tips to write effective copy:

A) Write in short sentences, not long paragraphs.

B) Bold the important parts…the benefits…that the meeting planners have on their minds.

C) Set yourself apart from other speakers by doing things that other speakers don’t do. Show the meeting planners in a few sentences how you are different and back it up with video footage of you on stage.

You can begin this journey, even if you have just started speaking. Start collecting the elements of a great speaker website outlined in these blogs and you’ll be heading in the right direction.

If putting together a speaker website is beyond your skill set, then learn more about how you can gain access to the Engaging Speakers Mentors as a Member at

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