They Don’t Buy the Steak, They Buy the…

Having video footage of you presenting on stage is really important, but it’s important for people that have the ability to hire need two different kinds of videos to make a good decision. Let’s look at each of them and how they differ.
The Promo Video – A promo video is three minutes maximum. It is used to engage emotional with the person hiring you. They get inspired. They feel connected to you and they want to hire you. There are three ingredients to a promo video:
1) You need content – Interviews work very well. Testimonials are great. When you are on stage, you are giving your audience value. You are not selling yourself. In a promo video, you are selling yourself. You want to tell them what your strengths are. The experiences that your clients have with you and the transformation that they go through when they hear you.
2) You need B roll – You want to include shots without audio that really position you as an expert. Getting shots of stage time from different angles, different venues, different outfits, and different audiences. So, while we’re listen to the content (interview or testimonial), we are looking at you up on stage.
3) You need music – The music you need here is background royalty free music that matches the tone of you, your message, your speaking (speed and cadence), and that engages people with all emotions that you want them to feel when they watch your video. This is the video that gets you hired.
The Sizzle Reel – The sizzle reel is a video of you in action. It can be up to 15 minutes of you on stage from different angles, in different venues, in different outfits, and different audiences. This can be your B roll with audio. The purpose of this video is to confirm to the person that hired you that they made a great decision.
The Promo video sells you to that meeting planner and the sizzle reel seals the deal.

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Gail Brown, Founder of Engaging Speakers,

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