Being a Connector allows you to be a part something bigger than yourself. As you meet people, listen to hear what connection you can make for them to solve a problem or to increase someone’s income.

Remember those children’s games that encourage kids to remember the tiles that have the same pictures of objects on them to match them up. If you are a seasoned Connector, networking can be a grown-up version of that game. Connectors see or hear connections…people who need to know each other…and they help make the connection by sending an introduction email or if the person is in the room, a live, personal introduction.

In his book, The Tipping Point”, Malcolm Gladwell describes a Connector as a People Specialist.

These are questions that will help you decide if you are a Connector:

1) Do you know a lot of people?
2) Do you like people?
3) Do you tend to remember peoples’ names?
4) Do you enjoy going to parties and meeting new people?
5) Do you collect acquaintances?

If you answered “yes” to 4 05 5 of these questions, you are a Connector.

The strength of Connectors is that they know and keep in touch with many people. They also tend to associate with other Connectors. Because of their rich network of friends and acquaintances, Connectors are trendsetters. The upside of a Connector is that he or she is able to create and maintain long-lasting friendships.

Gladwell explains, “The Connectors are people who link us up with the world. People with a special gift for bringing the world together”.

Powerful speakers are Connectors, who have developed the ability to connect on an emotional level, not only one on one, but also with an entire audience. I have found that Connectors are also brilliant storytellers. Remember, facts tell, but stories sell. A well told story has the unique ability to connect with an audience at the heart-level.

What have you learned that has helped you connect with your audience? We’d love your feedback. Please share it with us, so we can pass your brilliance on and help emerging speakers connect like a pro.

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