You Have a Message the World Needs to Hear

“The two most important days of your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why.” – Mark Twain
I truly believe that God has given each of us a message that is uniquely ours. Our responsibility is to make a positive impact on the world with that message. The world needs hope and inspiration and lives can be changed for the better, if you have the courage to deliver your message.
So where do you begin? Let’s start by…
Defining your message:
1) A message is communication transmitted via a messenger (That’s you!). You will be delivering that message, because of the unique life experiences that have equipped you to do so. Your Mess is Your Message. Most times, your message comes as a result to difficulties in your life that you have lived through and you have learned something…something that can help someone else live their best life. All of the tears, the anxiety and the heartbreaking things that happen to us can tell a story. And that story can impact and change lives.
2) Get clear on what your singular, overarching message is. Do a brain dump or a mind map to get things on paper (or on a computer screen), so you can visually see what lessons you have learned from the messes in your life and how those lessons can benefit others.
3) One way to structure your key message at the core of your message map is to use an “XYZ” statement. Fill in the blanks: “I do X, for Y, so they can Z.”

Refining Your Message:
1) Once you have defined your message, it is important to refine it. It’s time to drill down to what is unique about your message and specifically how it can help others. List what problems your message can solve for them and how it will improve their lives as a result.
2) Zero in on who you want to serve. Your message may serve many populations, however really refine 2 or 3 groups that you will focus on.
3) Identify several ways that you can serve audiences based on their learning styles or preferences: presentations, retreats, workshops, seminars, articles, blogs, books, webinars, online courses, etc.

Find the Audience That is Best Served by Your Message
1) Now that you know who your ideal audience is, it is time to find them. Knowing who your audience is will give you clues as to where they are. Study who they are (age, general habits & behaviors, income levels, etc.) and develop your audience avatar.
2) Where do they hang out? Are they millennials who are online a lot? Are they burned out business owners looking for a life-line? Are they frazzled moms who need to know that someone understands? Is it someone who has lost hope and needs a reason to keep going? Find them…someone right now is praying for your message.
3) Put your message where your audience is, whether that’s in person or in print or online. Be there for them, just as someone was there for you.

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Gail Brown, Founder of Engaging Speakers,

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