In Part 2 of Tips to Overcome the Fear of Public Speaking, we will continue to learn what you can do conquer your fears.

7) Offer Value – If you give your audience great value, they will be focused on gathering and retaining that valuable content, not on whether you are anxious or if you forget something. Remember, they don’t know what you forgot. All they know is what you gave them…great content that they can use right away to change their lives for the better.

8) Connect with Your Audience – You are probably not afraid to speak to your best friends. Make your audience your best buddies by finding common ground. Telling a story that will emotionally draw them to you is a very effective way to connect with them. This may require that you be a bit vulnerable, but truly that is the best way to bring them close to you.

9) Be Prepared – Practice every inch of your speech until it flows naturally in your veins and arteries, until it becomes part of you. Organize a mock speech with friends and practice before them. Have someone videotape you presenting your speech, so you can play it back and see what you can improve on. In practice, you gain confidence. In confidence, fear is overcome.

10) Acquire Basic Public Speaking Skills – Acquiring the basic skills of public speaking is the fundamental basis for overcoming your fear of public speaking.

Public speaking can take you to places you never dreamed of. It can change the tides in your favor. It can bring your dreams to pass. The fear of it crushes those opportunities and dreams. “A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” – Lao Tzu. Begin your journey!

If you have found a practical tip that has helped you overcome your fears around speaking, please share them.

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