The Best and Worst Ways to Write a Speaker Bio

A speaker bio (biography) is a brief summary of your education, work history and experience that is relevant to your speaking topic. The speaker’s bio is meant to be a printed document that is meant to be read silently by the meeting professional, who is hiring you, or it is printed in a program or on social media that is meant to impress the reader with the credentials of the speaker and attract them to attend the presentation.
What a bio is not:
1) A bio is not a resume. It is meant to draw people to want to hear you.
2) A good bio is not a long, boring document.
3) It is not a speaker introduction. Do not read the speaker’s bio to the audience. We will talk about speaker’s introduction in our next blog.
What a bio is:
1) Used as an introductory or promotional material.
2) Short. No more than 75 – 100 words.
3) An overview of the person, written in a narrative form.
4) Is written in the third person.
5) Relevant to the speaking topic.
6) Summary of education, experience and achievements.
To structure your bio, choose one or two sentences from each of the four categories below.
1) Who you are
2) What your expertise is (credentials and experience)
3) Why the reader should care about your expertise
4) How the reader can contact you
Here is Jen Coffel’s bio…a great example of a short, concise, and inspiring bio:
“Jen is a successful Entrepreneur, Best Selling Author and International Speaker. She has been featured and recognized on ABC News and the Chicago Tribune for her work in helping others. She has also been quoted in Inc 500. Her innovative and down to earth style sets her audience at ease and empowers them to receive her inspirational and practical messages.
Jen has almost two decades of business experience and a proven track record of 6-figure and 7-figure success in traditional business, direct sales and non- profits. She has helped over a thousand entrepreneurs build their businesses. Many have earned 6-figures as a result of her coaching and some have earned over a million dollars doing what they love!
“Belief Inspiring Action” is at the foundation of all Jen does.”
Your bio is an important part of your speaker kit that can make an impact before you even step of the stage!
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