5 Tips to a Stellar Speaker Headshot

If you are a speaker, you need a professional headshot. It’s an integral part of your speaker kit. And yet, I am sure that you have seen LinkedIn profile by someone who claims to be a speaker with a photo taken with their cell phone in the bathroom mirror. If you want meeting planners to take you seriously, you need to invest in a professional headshot.
1) Your headshot is your logo – No one requests your logo to put in a program or on a banner. They want your headshot. You should keep it consistent, so your followers can spot you.
2) You should keep your headshot current – Your headshot should be updated every two years. I have had experiences where a speaker sent me a headshot and when she arrived, I didn’t recognize her, because she was 20 years older. She was still lovely, but her headshot was not a good representation of who she was at the time. As much as I don’t love the aging process, it is a reality.
3) Your headshot should be versatile – Since your headshot will be used in many different ways, it’s important to get your image in different formats. Your photo may need to utilized in a vertical crop, a horizontal crop, a panoramic crop for a banner or a round crop for a program. You should have it in different types of files for different purposes; jpg, png, tif, gif.
4) Your headshot should be clean and simple – Even if you are a wild and crazy guy and your brand is unique, keep your headshot clean and simple. “Simplicity is the ultimate of sophistication” – Leonardo Da Vinci
5) Your headshot should be identifiable – Sometimes people get a bit too creative with their headshots. You should be well lit, looking into the camera, and in focus. It’s job is to get you recognized!
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Gail Brown, Founder of Engaging Speakers, gail@engagingspeakers.com

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