5 Step Strategy to GROW Your Business through Public Speaking – Part 2

In my last blog, we looked at the prerequisites to starting a speaking business: A Speaker Mindset, Blending Your Speaking into Your Overall Brand Strategy and Being Willing to Do The Work. Now let’s explore the first two steps in your strategy to GROW your business through Public Speaking
1) Pinpoint Your Passion
What makes you light up? What makes you feel fully you? That’s your passion!
In her book, “Unwrapping Your Passion; Creating the Life You Truly Want”, my friend, Karen Putz shares this poem:
It begins with a tiny spark, a soft nudge, or a gentle awakening.
It becomes a racing heart, a burning desire, and fuel for life.
Passion is your joy.
It is the essence of who you are –
And within the many layers of your soul
Lies the gift of passion.
Unwrap yours.
When you speak, your audience needs to feel your passion. When you craft your speeches, choose your titles, and gather your stories, you need to pour your passion into every word.
“LOVE” don’t “LIKE” your topics & content.
* Choose topics you can be as passionate about delivering the 100th time
as you were the very first time.
* Choose content that fits your “personality and style”. Your passion
shines when you are being authentically YOU.
* When you are speaking from your passion, you will connect with your
audience in a way that bonds you emotionally and makes them want
to hear more.

2) Prepare, Practice & Perform
* Prepare – Begin with the audience in mind when preparing your
presentation – What will they gain? How can you help? Give them
content they can put into practice immediately.

* Practice, Practice & Practice Some More – When it flows smoothly
from your mouth, your mind and your heart, you are ready. If our dogs
could talk, they would probably be able to present for me, considering
how many times they have heard my presentations. Actually, the best
way to practice is to get a presentation buddy (preferable someone
who can talk) to give you constructive feedback to improve your
presentation and vice versa.

* Perform – Find Opportunities to Present to Improve Your Performance
Skills –
Many civic organizations, networking organizations and community
groups are always willing to have people with a passionate message
share it with their membership. Seek those opportunities to improve
your skills.

Finding fellow speakers willing to be your sounding board and capable of giving you sound feedback may be difficult. Engaging Speakers is a safe, supportive community filled with fellow speakers on the same journey. Join us and let’s learn and grow together.

Gail Brown, Founder of Engaging Speakers, gail@engagingspeakers.com

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