14 Questions You Can Ask to Build an Army of Marketers for Your Speaking Career

How quickly would your business grow if you had a network of trusted speakers ready, willing, and able to refer you to speak?
Many of you are members of different networking group. The key to growing your business through networking is building trusted relationships with your fellow members. In the speaking arena, we all have different expertise, different topics and different styles. In reality, there is no such thing as competition. Even if you deliver on the same topic, your expertise and your style will differ. So why not collaborate!
Let’s talk about building a network of speakers that you can collaborate with, who will be looking for speaking opportunities for you as well as for themselves, while they are out and about in their life, and you will be doing the same for them.
Meet with other speakers one on one and really get to know them;
1. Who are they?
2. What do the speak about?
3. Why are they passionate about their topic or their message?
4. Where would they like to speak?
5. Where have they spoken before?
6. What type of speaking do they do (keynotes, panel presenter, workshops, conferences, etc)?
7. Would they like to travel or would they like to stay local?
8. Who is their target audience? (corporate, B to C, or B to B, etc.)
9. What audience (or audiences) do they serve?
10. Do they collaborate with other speakers to do all day conferences or workshops?
11. What organizations and associations do they belong to?
12. Have they built relationships with any meeting planners or program directors?
13. Have they built any personal relationships within companies or organizations?
14. What do they like to do for fun?

The whole point of this exercise is to get to know, like and trust them enough to be comfortable with referring them to your contacts for speaking opportunities or for business. You will answer the same questions for them, so that they can build that trust with you.

If you are interested in a ‘Networking Exercise for Speaking Gigs’ to use when you get together on your speaker one on one’s, then email me and I will be happy to send you a copy. If you’d like to find a bevy of amazing speakers to network with, join us at an Engaging Speakers Influencer event (live) or at our Engaging Speakers Global Virtual Meeting (webinar). Learn more at https://engagingspeakers.com/ .

Gail Brown, Founder of Engaging Speakers, gail@engagingspeakers.com

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